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“Derek’s separated from his wife and there’s a relationship with [Gloria].” The source added, “Barnes was in Santa Barbara [at Memphis Grizzlies training camp] and heard that Fisher was in his house. He got in his car and went to the house and went after Fisher.” NBA security didn't find out about an alleged Barnes-Fisher confrontation at home of Barnes' estranged wife until today, sources tell Yahoo.— Adrian Wojnarowski (@Woj Yahoo NBA) October 7, 2015 This is a weird jurisdictional issue, especially if no criminal charges are filed.But I wouldn’t be surprised if the league punishes Barnes – a former Lakers teammate of Fisher – if it finds evidence to support the Post’s description of events. It's poignant, well done, and stuffed to the brim with up-and-coming young talent, something that the entertainment industry craves.One Twitter user sent out a PSA this morning that reads: "friendly reminder that the actors alex (miles heizer) and justin (brandon flynn) from thirteen reasons why are dating in real life !!" The user includes a series of photos of the two looking pretty cozy. I think about the many other successful guys out there who could be so much fun for my daughter to be with. I want to tell my daughter she is dragging around a ball and chain, enabling him, making the biggest mistake of her life, wasting her time, seemingly changing who she is in order to “help” him cope.

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And in order to detach you will have to find a way to accept that your daughter may not ever become the version of an adult you insist she must be. You must first trust that you did your best as a parent, and then you must accept your adult children as they are. We think she might be bipolar, but again don’t know how to bring this up without upsetting her.This time he's a killer, while she's a thief and a junkie. "It's two lone wolves who crash into each other and are trying to redeem each other," says executive producer Chad Hodge."It's a totally f---ed-up love story." If their path gets rocky, though, says Hodge, it will also include a lot of humor and significant interaction with several other characters, including Letty's parole officer Christian (Terry Kinney) - did we mention she just got out of jail? Estelle has custody of Letty's son Jacob, a situation that Estelle feels has saved Jacob's life and Letty feels has deprived her of her son.On the show, the two guys are almost enemies, seeing as they both dated the same girl.In real life, though, they appear to be best friends — possibly more.What should I do to help her, and fix her relationship with us?


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