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Here a bit about me: I have an upbringing with a mix of core traditional values and right amount of modernity.A simple person with a positive outlook towards life,...The people who were born in this period are widely known for their dual personalities and ability to change mood from moment to moment.Although they hate to be tied down, they make lively, entertaining and romantic partners, even if they can be rather fickle if bored or unhappy.Of all people they are the most difficult to understand; in temperament they are hot and cold almost at the same moment.They love with one side of their nature and they are often critical or dislike with the other people.Their sharp wit and excellent powers of observation make them a good raconteur, although they have a tendency to exaggerate which can cause trouble with their relationships.

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The twin sides of their nature are perpetually pulling in opposite directions.

Their brains are subtle and brilliant but they usually "lack continuity of purpose".


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