Single ladies in ghana for dating

Here are 12 things Ghanaian women love besides money.

Just as businessmen say, your appearance is your business card, Ghanaian women have a soft spot for men who know how to dress.

The minute you hear “I’m married”, or “I have a boyfriend”, then its game over and its time to move onto the next girl. Many guys (including myself from time to time), still make the mistake of getting the phone number without making plans.

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Last month the People’s Daily newspaper warned that “social harmony and stability” could be threatened if millions of rural men were unable to find partners.

In a lot of scenarios it is necessary to get a girls number to set up a date. Getting the phone number is a way to tell if the girl is interested in you.

When you first approach a woman you can usually tell if she is busy, or isn’t open to spending more time with you in that moment. How you go about doing this is and important part of the process and we will look at all the details. In a way, it can be your way of telling her that you are interested in her.

She told Graphic Showbiz in 2014 that she was engaged, but did not disclose the identity of her man.

“I don’t believe in celebrities publicly displaying their love-affairs because it attracts attention.


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