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Of course, I did have another selection in mind, which would have spared the majority of you from the trouble of shaking your heads in exasperation, but choosing the safer route just to avoid conflict is, well, a dull practice.

So, the quest to pick the “best” would inevitably include a program that didn’t fit the template of intelligent, intertextual, and impossibly clever.

Charlotte se rend à un rendez-vous avec Capote Duncan (Jeffrey Nordling), mais quand elle lui dit qu'elle ne couchera pas avec lui, il part en boîte et finit par rentrer avec Samantha.

Miranda commence à sortir avec le gentil Skipper Johnston (Ben Weber). Derek (Andrea Boccaletti), un mannequin client de Standford Blatch (Willie Garson), passe la nuit avec Carrie après un défilé même s'ils ne couchent pas ensemble.

episode where Miranda Hobbes, the red-headed lawyer of the HBO hit series, goes speed-dating and pretends to be a flight attendant?

Something similar happens in real life, according to a new study by researchers at the University of Chicago, Princeton University and Harvard University.

Of course, it is a truth universally acknowledged that, during the show’s six-season run, groups of women regularly assembled to watch “SATC.” A lesser known fact is that some men even watched the show without being physically confined or placed under duress. While I will confess to being one of those women who made a ritual of watching this show, I can still admit that, at times, it feels pretty good to diss the douchebags of “SATC.” A lot of what the series had to offer was well worth despising on face value: (1) Characters who enjoy all the perks of adulthood yet never really seem to grow up; (2) Rampant elitist consumerism offset by conveniently rent-controlled brownstone apartments; (3) Supposedly empowered women whose only real power is that they choose to sexualize themselves; (4) All four characters slept with loads of men, yet only one was considered a slut.

Unreigned sexual empowerment can do that sometimes, but that’s one of the many ironic twists of this television series.

So to mark its 10th anniversary since coming off the air, we've collated the girls' funniest lines.

redefined fashion, dating, and the way women balanced their social and work lives.

The beloved series might be over, but Carrie Bradshaw will forever be our spirit animal. It’s a serious must-have for any Carrie Bradshaw fan.

Whether you hate, love, or remain ambivalent about “Sex and the City,” it’s impossible to deny the ubiquitous (even zeitgeistian) influence of the show’s elements — city, dialogue, friendship — within contemporary popular culture.

After 0 million in DVD sales, the trend is anything but over, and, for better or worse, the Sex and the City feature film will soon be upon us.


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