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Over the weekend Dove was seen kissing one of her girl friends AND she liked tweets asking if she was bisexual.

Now fans are convinced she's totally into guys and girls, which obviously came as a huge surprise because she had been dating Ryan Mc Cartan for so long.

They play a fundamental role in nuclei, although not at larger scales because their effects are very short range.

The strong nuclear interaction provides the primary force that holds nuclei together and determines nuclear binding energies.

These processes involve changes in nuclear binding energies and masses (as described by E = mc2), and typically they release much more energy per atom involved than do chemical processes.

Nuclear fusion is a process in which a collision of two small nuclei eventually results in the formation of a single more massive nucleus with greater net binding energy and hence a release of energy.

Koko is perhaps the best known gorilla in the world because of her sign language and artistic abilities, her relationships with kittens, and a considerable amount of worldwide media since she was a baby.

Nuclear fusion occurring in the cores of stars provides the energy released (as light) from those stars.Recent scholarly work on early manuscript fragments of the Quran such as those discovered in Sana‘a, Yemen in 1972 gave us portions of Quranic text carbon-dated to a few years after the Quran was officially standardised by one of Muhammad’s early successors, the caliph ‘Uthman, in around 650 CE.But there has been little clinching evidence to settle the debate about the dating of the text from a scholarly rather than devotional perspective. Two Quran fragments unknowingly held since 1936 in the University of Birmingham’s manuscript collection have been definitively dated to the era of Muhammad’s life or a little later.Without it, the electromagnetic forces between protons would make all nuclei other than hydrogen unstable.Nuclear processes mediated by these interactions include fusion, fission, and the radioactive decays of unstable nuclei.The writing of the two folios (with text corresponding to chapters 18-20 in the modern Quran) has been placed somewhere between 568 and 645 CE, which is very close to the conventional dating offered for the Prophet’s ministry, 610-632 CE.


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