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But it's difficult to verify the accuracy of these searching tools.But at least one tool, which searches by email address, returns accurate results.And they're traded on file-sharing platforms (which also requires special software and clicking on dubious downloads).But now anyone can check if his or her spouse was cheating -- just by filling out a form.Just plug in a name or email address, and you'll find out if someone who signed up for the service.

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Because I was posing, I was as respectful as possible.Several people who were directly affected by the data breach of the cheating website Ashley have reached out to CNNMoney.Their identities and details have been independently verified, but they have spoken on condition of anonymity."Well, I searched your email, and it came up." That's when he admitted he was a user on the site, though he kept changing his story. I don't trust him." Kimberly is now at her parents' place while her husband packs up his things and finds an apartment."I don't know the whole story yet," Kimberly told CNNMoney. This week wasn't the first time "Stacy" caught her husband cheating.Usually, hacked data is difficult to reach or sort through.


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