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Firstly, we provide an overview of major scientific works written by foreign linguists who pay attention to special aspects and lines of research.

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The entries in this timeline fall into the following categories: This timeline examines scientific and medical discoveries, products and technologies introduced by various peoples of Russia and its predecessor state, regardless of ethnicity, and also lists inventions by naturalized immigrant citizens.Each source you use often yields a different answer. Countries: AFGHANISTAN ALBANIA ALGERIA ANGOLA ANTIGUA & BARBUDA ARGENTINA ARMENIA AUSTRALIA AUSTRIA AZERBAIJAN BAHAMAS BAHRAIN BANGLADESH BARBADOS BELARUS BELAU BELGIUM BELIZE BENIN BERMUDA BHUTAN BOLIVIA BOSNIA-HERZEGOVINA BOTSWANA BRAZIL BRUNEI DARUSSALAM BULGARIA BURKINA FASO BURUNDI CAMBODIA CAMEROON CANADA CAPE VERDE CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC CHAD CHILE CHINA COLOMBIA CONGO COSTA RICA COTE D'IVOIRE CROATIA CUBA CYPRUS CZECH REPUBLIC DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO DENMARK DJIBOUTI DOMINICAN REPUBLIC ECUADOR EGYPT EL SALVADOR EQUATORIAL GUINEA ERITREA ESTONIA ETHIOPIA FIJI FINLAND FRANCE GABON GAMBIA GEORGIA GERMANY GHANA GREECE GRENADA GUATEMALA GUINEA GUINEA-BISSAU GUYANA HAITI HONDURAS HONG KONG HUNGARY INDIA IRAN IRAQ IRELAND ISRAEL/OCCUPIED TERRITORIES ITALY JAMAICA JAPAN JORDAN KAZAKSTAN KENYA KUWAIT KYRGYZSTAN LAOS LATVIA LEBANON LESOTHO LIBERIA LIBYA LITHUANIA LUXEMBOURG MACAO MACEDONIA MADAGASCAR MALAWI MALAYSIA MALDIVES MALI MALTA MAURITANIA MAURITIUS MEXICO MICRONESIA MOLDOVA MONGOLIA MOROCCO/WESTERN SAHARA MOZAMBIQUE MYANMAR NAMIBIA NAURU NEPAL NETHERLANDS NEW ZEALAND NICARAGUA NIGER NIGERIA NORTH KOREA NORWAY OMAN PAKISTAN PALESTINIAN AUTHORITY PANAMA PAPUA NEW GUINEA PARAGUAY PERU PHILIPPINES POLAND PORTUGAL PUERTO RICO QATAR ROMANIA RUSSIAN FEDERATION RWANDA SAUDI ARABIA SENEGAL SERBIA AND MONTENEGRO SIERRA LEONE SINGAPORE SLOVAK REPUBLIC SLOVENIA SOLOMON ISLANDS SOMALIA SOUTH AFRICA SOUTH KOREA SPAIN SRI LANKA ST KITTS-NEVIS ST LUCIA SUDAN SURINAME SWAZILAND SWEDEN SWITZERLAND SYRIA TAIWAN TAJIKISTAN TANZANIA THAILAND TOGO TONGA TRINIDAD & TOBAGO TUNISIA TURKEY TURKMENISTAN TURKS & CAICOS ISLANDS UAE UGANDA UA UKRAINE URUGUAY USA UZBEKISTAN VANUATU VATICAN VENEZUELA VIET NAM YEMEN ZAMBIA ZIMBABWE Regions: AFRICA AMERICAS ASIA AND THE PACIFIC EUROPE AND CENTRAL ASIA MIDDLE EAST AND NORTH AFRICA Sub-Regions: BALTIC STATES CARIBBEAN CENTRAL AFRICA CENTRAL AMERICA COMMONWEALTH OF INDEPENDENT STATES EAST AFRICA EAST ASIA EASTERN EUROPE GULF STATES MIDDLE EAST NORTH AFRICA NORTH AMERICA PACIFIC SOUTH-EAST ASIA SOUTH-EAST EUROPE SOUTH AMERICA SOUTH ASIA SOUTHERN AFRICA WEST AFRICA WESTERN EUROPE Themes: ARMED CONFLICT CHILDREN JUVENILES COMMONWEALTH CONSCIENTIOUS OBJECTORS CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY DEATH IN CUSTODY DEATH PENALTY DETENTION ARREST DISAPPEARANCES DISCRIMINATION ECONOMIC GLOBALIZATION EXCESSIVE FORCE EXTRAJUDICIAL EXECUTIONS FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION HUMAN RIGHTS DEFENDERS HUMAN RIGHTS DEVELOPMENTS HUMAN RIGHTS EDUCATION HUMAN RIGHTS INSTRUMENTS IGO/NGO IMPUNITY INDISCRIMINATE KILLINGS INTERNATIONAL JUSTICE INVESTIGATION OF ABUSES MEDICAL MEDICAL ACTIONS MILITARY, SECURITY AND POLICE TRANSFERS NON-GOVERNMENTAL ENTITIES PRISON CONDITIONS PRISONERS OF CONSCIENCE RACISM REFUGEES SEXUAL ORIENTATION TORTURE/ILL-TREATMENT TRADE UNIONS TRIALS UN WOMEN (E1)(L1) (E? ) folgende Artikel im Newsletter 2003-09 der "Australian National Placenames Survey" ("ANPS") behandelt zwar keine spezielle Namensgeschichte, aber man findet eine Erklrung, warum viele Lndernamen und Ortsnamen auf "-a" enden (s. Und wie so oft sind auch hier wieder die Rmer schuld. The Sydney Morning Herald (Saturday, May 17, 2003) published a query in Spectrums "Big Questions" from a reader musing about why so many placenames, especially country names, start and end with the letter "a".Ultimately, the best answer is that there are 195 countries in the world. A response to this question was received from Jim Martyn of Mollymook who blames the Romans, the Latin language and the renaissance for this toponymic trend. Vincent und die Grenadinen | Sudan | Sdafrika | Suriname | Swasiland | Syrien | So Tom und Prncipe | T | Tadschikistan | Taiwan | Tansania | Thailand | Togo | Tonga | Trinidad und Tobago | Tschad | Tschechische Republik | Trkei | Tunesien | Turkmenistan | Turks- und Caicosinseln | Tuvalu | | U-V-W-X | U | Uganda | Ukraine | Ungarn | Uruguay | USA / Vereinigte Staaten | Usbekistan | V | Vanuatu | Venezuela | Vereinigte Arabische Emirate | Vietnam | | Y-Z | Z | Zentralafrikanische Republik | Zypern (E? )(L1) (E6)(L1) File/188566/Mit den im Folgenden verwendeten Bezeichnungen, ihrer Auswahl und der Art der Wiedergabe des Inhalts wird nicht zum volker- oder staatsrechtlichen Status von Landern, Hoheitsgebieten, Stadten oder Gebieten oder ihrer Behorden oder zum Verlauf ihrer Grenzen oder Grenzlinien Stellung genommen.Results revealed increased content understandings and significant effect sizes for all three geospatial thinking and reasoning subscales -inferences, relationships, and reasoning. The findings provide support that Web GIS, with appropriate curriculum design can improve both learning outcomes and geospatial thinking and reasoning skills. The topic of this article may not meet Wikipedia's notability guideline for stand-alone lists.


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